Plumbing Inspection in Taunton, MA

Think of your plumbing system as the circulatory system of your home or business. Just like your heart, veins, and other key parts of your body, your plumbing is vital for your home as a whole and needs regular check-ups. That's where Cotti-Johnson comes in. We specialize in thorough Taunton plumbing inspections for both homes and businesses. Our approach is simple yet detailed: our experienced plumbers examine every inch of your system, pinpointing any hidden problems or small issues that could turn into bigger headaches.

Whether you're keen on regular maintenance or feel there might be an issue brewing, we provide the insights and solutions you need. Don't wait for a small drip to become a flood. Get ahead of the game with Cotti-Johnson's expert plumbing inspections. 

Give us a call at (774) 768-5154 or contact us online for same-day plumbing inspection appointment.

Professional Plumbing Inspection Serving Eastern Massachusetts

When you choose Cotti-Johnson, expect a detailed examination of your entire plumbing system. We go from top-to-bottom, offering a thorough and detailed picture into the health of your plumbing system as well as genuine and honest recommendations for necessary services.

Our inspections include:

  • Points of entry: We inspect for leaks, damage, or fitting issues in all areas where lines become visible. This includes sinks, toilets, pipes, and other water lines.
  • Outdoor plumbing: We check your outdoor fixtures, including faucets and fittings, looking for signs of wear or potential problems. We also check pipe insulation to make sure your water lines are protected against freezing.
  • Water heater inspection: We conduct a complete overview of your water heater, including testing pressure relief valves, calibrating your thermostat, checking anode rods, and more.
  • Main line sewer: We utilize advanced tools like sewer line inspection cameras to thoroughly assess your main sewer line and cleanout access.
  • “Patrick and his crew did a great job. Patrick first went through the house with us to confirm the best locations to install the inside units as well as to determine how best aesthetically to locate the necessary exterior conduits.”

    John S.
  • “I can’t say enough about the service we received. We engaged this team to assist with an internet issue we were having and ending up having them assist with wiring for our ductless ac/heating unit in the garage and they also installed a generator.”

    Margaret P.
  • “His name, I believe, is Tony. He did a terrific job; very fast, thorough; he was extremely polite, he put on his booty over shoes before he came in; he answer all of my questions...He explained what went wrong with my furnace and knew of the problem and fi”

    Jim S.
  • “Sam did an awesome job installing backup generator inlet at my house. He was very professional and made sure that I understood how to switch over to generator power when it is needed.”

    Chris C.
  • “Right now all we can think about is using our new AC on those hot summer days!!!!! Thank you, Peter and the Cotti-Johnson team!!!!!”

    Kevin K.

When to Schedule a Plumbing Inspection

The need for plumbing inspections varies based on several factors, such as your property's age, plumbing system condition, and past issues. Generally, we recommend an annual inspection. For older properties or those with a history of plumbing problems, more frequent inspections may be beneficial. 

It is also important to have your plumbing system checked during these situations:

  • When buying a new home: A professional plumbing inspection goes beyond what a regular home inspector covers. Our team at Cotti-Johnson will focuses exclusively on the plumbing system in your potential new home, identifying any hidden issues.
  • Before selling your home: If you're putting your property on the market, a certified plumbing inspection can be a significant selling point. We'll make sure your plumbing is in top condition, or identify any repairs needed, enhancing your home's market appeal.
  • Preventive maintenance: Annual plumbing inspections are key to avoiding costly repairs. Regular checks can extend the lifespan of your plumbing appliances, saving you from premature replacements.

Why Are Plumbing Inspections Important?

Opting for a professional plumbing inspection means you're not just fixing current issues, but also safeguarding your home's efficiency. While some might consider DIY inspections, the expertise and experience of a professional plumber bring significant advantages that go beyond the basics. 

Choosing us for your professional plumbing inspection means taking a proactive step toward ensuring the long-term health and efficiency of your home's plumbing system. But our expertise doesn't stop there. Along with top-notch plumbing services, we also specialize in HVAC, electrical, and generator services, making us your comprehensive partner for maintaining the overall well-being of your property. Our blend of seasoned experience and cutting-edge technology guarantees thorough and reliable inspections.

Don't compromise on the well-being of your property's essential systems. Reach out to Cotti-Johnson at (774) 768-5154 or contact us online for a complete plumbing inspection in Taunton.

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